State Specific Info

Remember that Caucus states are where Delegates make the biggest impact. We will update this page as local information on the delegates process becomes available. The rules in the Republican party are often different in each state, and even between counties.
State Specific Information:  
Caucus State | Primary State | Mixed Caucus/Primary
Alabama (P) Alaska (C) Arizona (P) Arkansas (P)
California (P) Colorado (C) Connecticut (P) Delaware (P)
Florida (P) Georgia (P) Hawaii (C) Idaho (C)
Illinois (P) Indiana (C/P) Iowa (C) Kansas (C)
Kentucky (P) Louisiana (C/P) Maine (C) Maryland (P)
Massachusetts (P) Michigan (C/P) Minnesota (C) Mississippi (P)
Missouri (C/P) Montana (P) Nebraska (P) Nevada (C)
New Hampshire (P) New Jersey (P) New Mexico (P) New York (P)
North Carolina (P) North Dakota (C) Ohio (P) Oklahoma (P)
Oregon (P) Pennsylvania (P) Rhode Island (P) South Carolina (P)
South Dakota (P) Tennessee (P) Texas (P) Utah (P)
Vermont (P) Virginia (P) Washington (C) West Virginia (C/P)
Wisconsin (P) Wyoming (C)


American Samoa (C)

District of Columbia (P)

Guam (C)

Northern Marianas (C)

Puerto Rico (C/P)

Virgin Islands (C)

Check this page for the most current and accurate information on the Caucus States Presidential Primaries, Caucuses, and Conventions: The Green PapersDisclaimer:
These pages contain a combination of preliminary, unofficial, and estimated data. The information posted here is subject to change. We’re looking to forward links to delegate training pages like the one hosted by St. Louis, Missouri Ron Paul Meetup. These local pages encourage networking with other delegates in your area, and you can get a better feel for the, “whole delegates thing”. Coordinating for the state assemblies can be much easier and fun when you make friends and get a better feel from the caucus veterans.

25 thoughts on “State Specific Info

  1. I am trying to become a delegate in Texas but dont know how-can anyone give me step by step(kinda computer illiterate!!:)

  2. I am really stupid I suppose…But I cannot figure out who actually is my republican delegates in Montgomery County, MD. I would try to be a delegate, but I can’t quite figure it out.

      • Makes not difference if you are bound or unbound or from which state you reside. Rule 38 of the RNC says that no state can bind their delegates to the National Convention. If you end up becoming a National Delegate then you can vote for who you choose on the first ballot. Let no one tell you any different.

    • You will need the numbers to over come the GOP Establishment. So just show up at the conventions no matter what. Learn the basics of “Roberts Rules of Order”

    • From an Oklahoman on our facebook page:

      I just contacted an Emily Deffner – Member Services Coordinator for the OKGOP (1-405-528-3501 for contact information to anyone else in Oklahoma looking to get on the volunteer list), and she said the whole process starts with the precinct meetings. She mentioned that she could put me on the volunteer list for when it’s time.

  3. Inquiries about becoming an Arizona delegate for Ron Paul’s Presidential Campaign have been overwhelming. We couldn’t be more excited about this development, but the highest sense of urgency must prevail because the deadline to make this happen is fast approaching.

    To be a delegate, you must first be approved for the position of Precinct Committeeman (PC) by the GOP chairman in Arizona.

    December 31st is the absolute deadline for approval of your application to become a PC in Arizona, which is key to becoming a delegate for Ron Paul at the GOP nomination convention.

    This means you must have your application turned in to your district chairman by December 15th to ensure it will be processed on time. (There also must be an open PC slot)

    You can sign up to become a PC in 4 simple steps.

    1) You must be registered to vote as a Republican in Arizona. If you are not, please go here to do so – Take note of your confirmation number.

    2) Next, fill out this one page form, which takes about 10 minutes of your time. You can find a copy here:

    3) Contact your district chairman and let them know you would like to become a PC and email them your completed form. Click on this link to find contact information for your districts chairman. Not all precinct have openings, but it will be rare if yours is full.

    4) After getting your chairman to sign your form (ask for a copy), then contact David Fitzgerald and he will help to expedite the paperwork or just make sure it is working it’s way through the system.

  4. I just moved to Kansas from California and I have registerd as a Republican to vote for Ron Paul. California being a primary state and Kansas being caucus I’ve got no idea how this works. I did follow the Kansas state link to the Kansas green paper but I’m not getting any thing from that… I guess I’m stupid because I just don’t get it. What am I supposed to do?

  5. MA primary is tomorrow – if it’s not too late is there any information on how I can become a delegate here? (Might have to fake being for Romney, I’d imagine).

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