Let’s send all our Colorado Delegates/Alternates to National!

Liberty Lovers of Dr. Ron Paul Unite!

As you know, the MSM is trying to make people believe that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race.


That false information is again, making us dig in and fight even harder to get our delegates and alternates to Tampa.


Below is a list of Colorado delegates and alternates (Liberty Warriors ) that are going to vote for Dr. Paul at the GOP National Convention in Tampa…and they need your help.

It costs, on average, about $2,500.00 for each person to go to the GOP National Convention.

Can you afford $90 out of your pocket to help all 18 delegates and alternates get to Tampa?

That is only a $5.00 donation from you to each of these folks.

It would only take 500 people to make this happen.

Will you be one of them to help get them get to Tampa to vote for Dr. Paul so he can become President Paul?

$5.00 x 18 = $90.00

Could you afford $180.00 out of your pocket?  That would mean only 250 of you would do the trick for each of these folks!
$10.00 x 18 = $180.00

If you could afford to donate more to each of these hard fighting liberty folks, that would be fantastic.

We must fill the coffers of the Delegates first, then the Alternates, but we want to fill them all before *July 1st.*

PLEASE!  Send this email to all of your liberty loving folks, groups, and/or email lists, or post on any liberty blogs you are on too.  (i.e. Daily Paul)

Every penny will count…good as gold!

Thank you for sharing this email, for donating, and for keeping up the positive, forward liberty and freedom movement in your area.

Our delegates and alternates are our Liberty Warriors !

Please help them win this battle for our, and our children’s liberty and freedom by donation as much as you can to each delegate and alternate.j


Florence Sebern – Delegate (State) ChipIn acct: PLEASE NOTE! Her ChipIn is higher than the others for she is on the rules committee and must be in Tampa one full week ahead (extra) of the other delegates, so she needs more money to pay for that extra week of expenses.
For those that do not like to use the ChipIn/PayPal sites, please snail mail a check here:  1140 South Forest Street, Denver, CO 80246

Jerry Koerber – Delegate (CD1) ChipIn acct: http://jerrykoerber.chipin.com/jerry-koerber-expenses-to-attend-the-rnc-as-a-colorado-delegate-for-ron-paul
Snail mail to: 2633 West 40th Avenue, Denver, CO  80211

Tim Leonard – Delegate (CD2) prefers snail-mail donations only:

31713 Ruby Ranch Road., Evergreen, CO 80439

Todd King – Delegate (CD3) ChipIn acct: http://toddking2rnc.chipin.com/rnc-delegate Snail mail to: 18820 Road 22,  Lewis, CO  81327

Luke Kirk – Delegate (CD3) ChipIn acct: http://lukekirk.chipin.com/trip-to-the-convention Snail mail to: 2193 CR 502, Bayfield, CO 81122

Jeremy Strand -Delegate (CD7) ChipIn acct: http://jeremystrand.chipin.com/delegate-strand-to-rnc-2012 Snail mail to: 8293 West Floyd Avenue,  #5-303, Lakewood, CO 80227


Alex Casetta – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct: http://alexcasetta.chipin.com/republican-national-convention
Snail-mail to:  800 20th Street, Apt. C, Greeley, CO 80631

Judy Spady – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct: http://judyspady4ronpaul.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/f99e34d85b5d6ea0 Snail-mail to:  272 Pine Cone Drive, Bayfield, CO,  81122

Joe Wyote – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct: http://sendjoew2tampa.chipin.com/to-attend-to-the-republican-national-convention
Snail mail:  6385 Bestview Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Earl Bandy – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct: http://earlbandy.chipin.com/send-earl-bandy-to-the-rnc 
Snail mail to: 2037 Kearney Street, Denver, CO 80207

David Bitner – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to: 6515 E Union Avenue,  Unit 502,  Denver,  CO 80237-3116

Elizabeth Buchanan – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct: http://lizbuchanan.chipin.com/liz-buchanan-rnc-delegate-funds
Snail mail to:  7592 East 28th Ave. Unit #4, Denver, CO 80238

Jon Warnick – Alternate (CD2) ChipIn acct:  http://jwarnick.chipin.com/mypages/view/id/ddea8413083b7ff9
Snail mail to:  106 Regal Circle, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Charlie Aligaen – Alternate (CD5) ChipIn acct: http://charlie2rnc.chipin.com/republican-national-convention
Snail-mail to: 6225 Snowbird Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Joseph Burke – Alternate (CD5) ChipIn acct: http://joeburkernctampa.chipin.com/joe-burke-tampa-nationals
Snail mail to:  812 Blossom Road, Woodland Park, Colorado 80863

Ted Kuroiwa – Alternate (CD6) ChipIn acct: http://www.chipin.com/mywidgets/id/7e1ea4403aae915a
Snail mail to: 9180 Rolling Way #208 Parker CO 80134

Bob Eskenberry – Alternate (CD7) ChipIn acct: http://bobbyeskenberry.chipin.com/send-bobby-to-the-rnc

Snail mail to :  2234 Country Club Loop,  Westminster, CO 80234

Lloyd Garcia – Alternate (CD7) ChipIn acct: http://danielgarcia.chipin.com/lloyd-garcia
Snail-mail to :  7895 Elder Circle, Denver, CO 80221

This message was sent by BSC from Liberty Loving Coloradoans!.

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