Washington’s Caucus and Delegate Selection Process Explained

Green Papers Report on Washington
Info added 3/2/2012 
Make sure to stick around to become a delegate.  The Chairman will ask who wants to be delegates and all you need to do is volunteer when asked. Volunteering may be as simple as raising your hand or speaking up.
Put that right at the top
Eric said the other info for WA is now inacurate
due to deadlines passing , it’s basically now just nominating yourself/friends at the caucus that’s left
Older Information:
In 2008, half of WA’s 40 delegates were selected through a primary election and half were selected through caucuses. For 2012, WA has cancelled its primary; therefore, all delegates will be selected through the caucus systems below:
For all counties except King County:
1. At precinct caucuses, registered voters elect county convention delegates.
2. At county conventions, delegates elect state convention delegates.
3. At the state convention, delegates elect national convention delegates.
For King County only:
1. At precinct caucuses, registered voters elect legislative district delegates.
2. At legislative district conventions, delegates elect state convention delegates.
3. At the state convention, delegates elect national convention delegates.
How to become a delegate
In WA, if you become a Precinct Committee Officer (“PCO”), you are an automatic delegate at the county/legislative district convention. In other words, by becoming a PCO, you skip #1 in the process above.
This might not sound like a big deal, but the fact is you can become a PCO today if your precinct has a vacancy. Each precinct only has one PCO, which makes it important that we fill PCO vacancies as soon as possible with Ron Paul supporters to guarantee delegates at the county/legislative district level.
The best part is if there is a vacant PCO position available, all you need to do is request the position from your County/Legislative District Republican Party, fill out a form, and the position is yours. It really is that easy and it costs you nothing. In one county, 58% of the PCO positions are vacant.
How to become a PCO
You can become a PCO by one of two methods: (1) become elected in a primary (last one was August 2010 and next one will be in 2012); or (2) if there is a vacancy, become appointed by your County Republican Party. The instructions below are for filling vacancies since elections have already occurred.
1. Make sure you are registered to vote at the address you reside. You can check your registration here.
2. Determine your precinct at the link above by looking at the last column “Prec.” If you reside within King County, also determine your legislative district by looking at the column “Leg.” next to the precinct.
3. Contact your County Republican Party and request to become a PCO if there is a vacancy in your precinct. If you reside in King County, skip this step. Contact information for each county can be found here. You can contact the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Secretary through email or phone.
4. If you reside within King County, contact your Legislative District Republican Party and request to become a PCO if there is a vacancy in your precinct. Contact information for Legislative Districts can be found below.
5. If there is a vacancy, you will probably receive paperwork to fill out to become a PCO.
Finding your Precinct Number and District:

You can register your vote or find your information, so just fill that out and ‘Continue’. Once you are ‘in’, then click on the last ‘menu’ on the left which says “My elected officials and district”.. You should see your precinct number on top with the ‘big title’..

And your district information, Legislative District probably being the most important, below.

If you need the precinct name for some reason call your county auditor’s office.

Go here: http://www.mrsc.org/countyprofiles/profilesmenu.aspx
Select your county, click on your county’s website or just use the number there to call them and have them transfer to the Auditor’s office. Then tell them that you need the Precinct name, and just tell them the precinct number you got from MyVote website.

Find your Caucus Location HERE once you have your Precinct Number from MyVote (above):
(this is a compilation to the caucus locations direct site posted by some counties, if your county isn’t here, check their website or call them, info given below)

Benton County: http://www.bentoncountygop.com/presidential-caucus-2012 (not there at the moment of last update, check yourself)
Chelan County: http://chelancountygop.org/march-3rd…-chelan-county (Caucus Locations POSTED!!)
Callam County: http://www.clallamrepublicans.org/caucuses_2012.html (Caucus Locations Posted!!!)
Clark County: http://www.clarkcountygop.org/display_news.htm?nid=981 (Caucus locations posted)
Cowlitz County: http://www.cowlitzrepublicans.com/ (Caucus location posted, I guess all of them are at the Cowlitz County EXPO)
Douglas County: http://www.douglascountyrepublicans.org/news/ (Caucus locations posted!!)
Grant County: http://www.grantcounty-gop.com/ (Caucus locations posted!!! Need Precinct Name, call Grant County Auditor for name)
Grays Harbor: http://www.ghgop.org/PDFs/GHGOPCaucusLocations2012.pdf (Locations posted!!)
Island County: http://www.islandcountygop.org/uploa…y_caucuses.pdf (Posted)
Jefferson County: http://jcrcc.blogspot.com/p/platform.html (locations posted!!)
King County: http://www.kcgop.org/caucus-locator/ (use the search and you’ll see the location!!)
Kitsap County: http://www.kitsaprepublicans.com/con…y_Precinct.pdf (locations posted!!)
Kittitas County: http://www.kittitasrepublicans.org/ (NOT POSTED YET, check if they updated yourself)
Lewis County: http://www.lewiscountyrepublicans.org/blog/ (locations posted!!!)
Mason County: http://www.masoncountyrepublicans.org/Home.php (Nothing yet, this site sucks hehehe )
Pierce County: http://piercegop.org/2012-caucuses/ (Posted!!! many of them are by Legislative District, this info is on MyVote above)
San Juan County: http://sjcrp.org/precinct-caucus-and…ty-convention/ (locations posted!!!)
Skagit County: http://www.skagitgop.com/Index.htm (Nothing, all the caucus information is OLD. Call them for updated information)
Snohomish County: http://www.snocogop.com/Caucus/ (Not yet posted)
Spokane County: http://www.spokanegop.com/caucus-locations (locations posted!!!)
Thurston County: http://www.thurstonrepublicans.com/ (nothing there yet, its not even on the Calendar LOL!!)
Walla Walla County: http://www.wallawallacountygop.com/ (says Fairgrounds? TBA so call them up..)
Whatcom County: http://www.whatcomgop.com/Blogs/24/1…r-march-3.html (locations posted!! OMG So many PCO positions are VACANT, why weren’t these filled by US?????? Oh well hehe)
Whitman County: http://www.wc-gop.com/index.php (nothing yet, click on PCO list try to contact your PCO. Why so many vacants!!!!? We should’ve had these…)
Yakima County: http://www.yakimacountyrepublicans.org/ (locations posted, scroll down!!!)

(if you have info for counties I’m missing, please post them and I’ll update this post)

Contact information for County GOP (look for caucus location on their website or call them)
In order to find the Caucus location for your Precinct, you have to visit your County GOP website or call your County GOP:

Here there are many of the links to the county gop. Many counties are not there, you can try googleing those that aren’t there, perhaps some don’t have websites.

If you are unsure or can’t find any caucus location information on the county website or they don’t have a website. Call the your county GOP.


Lists all the counties, click on your county, and you probably want to call the Secretary most likely, but you can try calling anyone and ask for any information you need. Be sure to have your precinct name or number handy before you call.

List of PCOs
The following counties have publicly released their list of PCOs. If you live in one of these counties, please check to see if your precinct has a PCO before you contact your County Republican Party.
Excel file:
Contact Information for Legislative District Republican Parties (King County Residents Only):

5th LD
Ferrin Lauve, PCO Recruiter
pcorecruiting @ 5ldgop.org
11th LD
Rex Meyer, Chairman
rex_meyer @ earthlink.net
30th LD
Len Englund, Chairman
len.englund @ comcast.net
31st LD
Darlene Hamilton, Chairman
kcgopdarlene31 @ hotmail.com
32nd/1st LD
Dan Thwing, Chairman
chair32kcgop @ comcast.net
33rd LD
Craig Dougherty, Chairman
cwdloneranger @ yahoo.com
34th LD
Jim Clingan, Chairman
jim206clingan @ aol.com
36th LD
Glenn Avery, Chairman
gravery @ comcast.net
37th LD
Jonathan Fox, Chairman
gop37district @ hotmail.com
41st LD
Jackie Dunbar, Chairman
jadunbar @ comcast.net
43rd LD
Mathew Thomas, Chairman
mathewpatrickthomas @ gmail.com
45th/39th LD
Check the “I want to be a PCO” box
46th LD
Bob Guthrie, Chairman
robertguthrie @ earthlink.net
47th LD
Orin Wells, Vice Chairman
orinwells @ kc47gop.org
48th LD
Justin Kawabori, Chairman
48gopchair @ gmail.com

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