Delegate Training for Ron Paul


The only way for Ron Paul to become President is if he gets the GOP nomination; The only way for Ron Paul to get the GOP nomination is if we become delegates. As delegates, we’ll be voting to pick the GOP nominee just like the electors in the electoral college vote to pick the President; Delegates determine and decide who the GOP nominee it’s that critical!

There hasn’t been a brokered convention for more than 60 years! And the good news is that Ron Paul doesn’t have to win a single state to get the GOP nomination; He just needs to win the delegates! So your delegate vote will count that much more; In other words, Ron Paul can secure the GOP nomination with your vote!

Find out if your state has a primary or caucus for the Republican party candidate selection process. Use this handy page which lists each state, and make sure your state’s system hasn’t changed (generally, it will be the same rules from last time). Register to vote as Republican and attend your primary elections to vote for Ron Paul in those states. If you live in a caucus state, this is where the delegate process all starts! Those who live in a Primary state should register with the campaign here:

You typically start at your precinct (district) convention as a delegate and work your way up to state, and finally, the RNC; But it may even be as easy as calling your Secretary of State Elections Division, signing some forms and getting signatures! Ron Paul supporters will walk through rain, snow, ice, fire, hazardous waste for this revolution so performing the aforementioned will be a cakewalk.

The GOP nomination will ultimately be decided at the 2012 Republican National Convention which will take place August 27, 2012, in Tampa, Florida at the St. Pete Times Forum.

Please watch the video below and peruse the instructions on how to become a delegate for Ron Paul. Afterwards, get together with your family, friends, local Meetup groups (use the Freedom Atlas to find a local “meetup”) to discuss and organize how to flood your conventions with Ron Paul delegates.

If we don’t become delegates, then Ron Paul will not get the GOP nomination. If Ron Paul doesn’t get the GOP nomination, then the Ron Paul Revolution is OVER. Don’t let this happen: Become a Delegate!

What is a Delegate?

A delegate is essentially a super-voter; They get to vote for the GOP nominee.  Regular voters will ONLY be voting to determine the number of delegates for the candidates in your state Primary (or caucus); Regular voters can’t vote for the GOP nominee.  Remember, our system of government is a republic and not a democracy.  Now you can understand why it’s so important to become a delegate because delegates determine who the GOP nominee is!

Why is it Important to Become a Delegate?

Delegates control everything in their party, from the bylaws and platform to even what candidate gets to run on their partys ticket. Yes the delegates can actually control what candidates get placed on the ballots.

This is complete control of the party and gives us the tools we need to take the GOP and every other party back to it’s roots.

How Do I Become a State Delegate? (necessary)

1. Register to vote today as a Republican. The sooner the better, because there will be pre-registration deadlines to meet generally a month or two before the caucus. You will need to check your county or state for specific dates, because these vary.

2. Vote in your Caucus and run to be a delegate to the Republican state assembly who represents your county precinct.

3. It all starts at your precinct so peruse your state’s delegate process to the RNC (Republican National Convention) This is optional if other Ron Paul supporters are also running for the RNC in your state. You can just vote for them instead of running yourself.

It’s critical that we become delegates or all our hard work will be in vain.
Become a delegate and we’ll get to hear Dr. Ron Paul giving his Inaugural Address in 2013

How Do I Become a Delegate to the Republican National Convention for My State? (optional)

There are 3 options to choose from in order to get information on how to become a delegate to your GOP conventions.

Please consider doing all 3; If that’s too much, pick the one you’re most comfortable with. Perform the “Strategies For Success” below to solidify your chances of becoming a delegate. Once again, you can meet other delegates who have been through the ropes using the Freedom Atlas. Many new delegates are networking on the Facebook page created to help network Ron Paul Delegates, and that is a great first place to ask if you have more questions!

Option 1) Contact your RPCC State Coordinator—Ask how you can become a Ron Paul delegate.

Option 2) Organize with others in your local meetup ( and get current and former delegates to talk about the delegate process. By having a majority of Ron Paul supporters, you’ll easily get all your delegates to the next phase.

Option 3) Look over your state rules and process (step C below). Next, contact your County GOP organization (step C below) and ask for information on how you can become a delegate to the GOP Conventions and for the rules for all the conventions (especially precinct convention).

“Strategies for Success”

NOTE: Please keep in mind that rules vary between states.

A) Since you’ll be elected as a delegate, it’s good to do some voter identification (who’s gonna vote for you) in your precinct. Show how dedicated you are as a Ron Paul supporter by going out there and talking to people!

Click here for the ‘bread and butter’ instructions on getting elected as a delegate in your precinct (district). Also see Ron Paul Canvassing.

An even better way would be to look up all Ron Paul contributers in your zip code. Once you have your list, just contact them about becoming a delegate or ask them to vote for you as a delegate since they’re already supporters!

B) When it comes time to get elected as a delegate, please know the following like the back of your hand:

a) Read and know the rules of your precinct convention (if you have one): See General Guide to Conducting a Precinct Convention (PC).
b) The permanent chairman at your convention is ALWAYS elected. Do not let them tell you otherwise.
c) The delegates are ALWAYS elected. Do not let them tell you they have already been chosen. See: Robert’s Rules of Order for delegate tips and tricks.
d) You have rights so do not let them railroad you. If you feel members are being unfair, know your rules (See: Robert’s Rules of Order). The precinct convention is kind of like court—you can say objection, point of order, etc. Here are some basic but critical ones: objection (object to anything unfair), point of order (say this to make a point), point of inquiry (say this to interject at any time), division (say this when you want to call a standing vote against a decision), I nominate myself for a delegate position (get yourself nominated as a delegate), I second that (self-explanatory), I appeal to the assembly (if all else fails, say this to declare unfairness and state your reason and solution), etc.
NEVER GIVE UP! You WILL be a delegate for Ron Paul!
e) Make sure all delegate names are on the delegate sheet and make copies of the paperwork. If you can’t make copies, handwrite all copies, make sure they’ve been signed, get the permanent chairman to certify them as correct and take pictures of the paperwork. This is proof in case the paperwork is lost.

NOTE: You generally have to vote in your state primaries to be eligible to become a delegate so please check your state’s date on the right below and mark your calendars.

C) Review your state process below for becoming a delegate to the Republican National Convention (RNC).
Remember, the National Convention is NOT the same as the State Convention.

Learn Parliamentary Procedure and Roberts Rules of Order!

If you’re going to be an effective delegate, it’s highly recommended that you learn Parliamentary Procedure. Sometimes the party will change the rules, and this is to stifle debate. The party leadership may or may not support Ron, and could even try to actively exclude participation!

This means you want to learn how he proceedings are held, and what you need to do to make certain things happen at the state assembly. This page is a great first start at learning the “Roberts Rules of Order”

“The application of parliamentary law is the best method yet devised to enable assemblies of any size, with due regard for every member’s opinion, to arrive at the general will on the maximum number of questions of varying complexity in a minimum amount of time and under all kinds of internal climate ranging from total harmony to hardened or impassioned division of opinion.”
Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised [RONR (10th ed.), Introduction, p. xlviii]

If you have any other questions, feel free to ask a member of the RonPaulForums , or DailyPaul for help, or contact the Republican party in your area!

A big thanks to the trailblazers who became delegates for Ron Paul in 2008! Credit for this information from the original source online from the last presidential election!


GOP now ironically begging Ron Paul supporters for help

“…Mere weeks ago the long-standing attitude by both the establishment and its media was that Ron Paul and his supporters were nothing but a nuisance, wanting nothing to do with anything associated with Ron Paul. They wouldn’t let him speak at the national convention, even though he was one of the only two candidates left standing and he was literally forced to walk the convention floor for support like a petty, third-rate peasant. The convention staff did everything in their power to discredit and literally, illegally disqualify duly and legally elected Ron Paul delegates from participating in the process and coercively manipulated the proceedings so Paul delegates couldn’t have any meaningful effect on the outcome, of any aspect, of the convention. Yet, now the Republicans, or at least Paul Ryan, realizes they may not have a chance to win without them….”

More of the story at this link:

Thank You county, state and national Ron Paul Delegates for your commitment.

The future of liberty is more than about a man, and is really about all of you. Thank you Ron, for inspiring all of us, and for your 30 year commitment to furthering the message.


Looking to what happens next, we’re encouraging all RNC Delegates to attend in Tampa. Thank You all county, state and national Ron Paul Delegates for your commitment.

The Ron Paul Revolution will continue, we just need to pay respect to Ron for all he’s done and figure out what to do from here. What will the R3volution be known as from here on out? What avenue is taken to secure liberty, and what will be the most effective route to restore the Republic?

With all the new knowledge of the political process, it’s really up to you where you see fit to continue – political or otherwise. If anything, continue to build the momentum and show new friends what you’ve learned. Becoming active in politics on a local level does change the results of elections, and helps to build coalitions for liberty candidates. Precinct comitteepeople are also a very important first step towards shaping the party.

“Ron Paul Delegates” is an effort which started as the result of a similar website to train and motivate Delegates for Ron Paul back in 2007. Thank You for that message. Please feel free to inspire and educate others, and keep building the momentum!



You need to do this no later than Sunday, June 10th!
LawyersForRonPaul now has a formal legal team of attorneys and paralegals preparing a Civil Rights lawsuit for violations of our voting rights. We need your help to document voting rights violations and election fraud abuses committed during the Republican primaries.
To be part of this effort, please go to: http://www. and become a FREE member on our site. After joining, Login and go to “Forums” to submit your testimony on our PRIVATE/SECURE forum according to the state or territory in which you live.
Please help support our effort by sharing this information far and wide! If you are interested in taking an active role in our effort, contact: 561-747-8496 / 850-417-8543. Or contact http://www. for more information. We will gladly arrange a conference call with our lead attorney to give you an opportunity to ask questions regarding the lawsuit and how it can protect you.

“42 USC Section 1971(b) Intimidation, threats, or coercion
No person, whether acting under color of law or otherwise, shall intimidate, threaten, coerce, or attempt to intimidate, threaten, or coerce any other person for the purpose of interfering with the right of such other person to vote or to vote as he may choose, or of causing such other person to vote for, or not to vote for, any candidate for the office of President, Vice President, presidential elector, Member of the Senate, or Member of the House of Representatives, Delegates or Commissioners from the Territories or possessions, at any general, special, or primary election held solely or in part for the purpose of selecting or electing any such candidate.”
There is a Q & A sheet attached to this email to help you decide if this is for you, and it would be appreciated if you would send this to any Ron Paul supporters you know of that may have experienced any difficulty in becoming a delegate (at any level, ie, caucus and/or county, Congressional and/or State), be it declared or undeclared, for Ron Paul.
Thank you in advance for responding to the URGENT call to action!
Pertinent Case Law:
Title 42 USC Section 1971 – Voting rights
Title 42 USC Section 1983 – Civil action for deprivation of rights
Morse v. Republican Party of Virginia 517 US 186 (1995)
47 CFR § 64.803 – Definitions

Let’s send all our Colorado Delegates/Alternates to National!

Liberty Lovers of Dr. Ron Paul Unite!

As you know, the MSM is trying to make people believe that Ron Paul has dropped out of the race.


That false information is again, making us dig in and fight even harder to get our delegates and alternates to Tampa.


Below is a list of Colorado delegates and alternates (Liberty Warriors ) that are going to vote for Dr. Paul at the GOP National Convention in Tampa…and they need your help.

It costs, on average, about $2,500.00 for each person to go to the GOP National Convention.

Can you afford $90 out of your pocket to help all 18 delegates and alternates get to Tampa?

That is only a $5.00 donation from you to each of these folks.

It would only take 500 people to make this happen.

Will you be one of them to help get them get to Tampa to vote for Dr. Paul so he can become President Paul?

$5.00 x 18 = $90.00

Could you afford $180.00 out of your pocket?  That would mean only 250 of you would do the trick for each of these folks!
$10.00 x 18 = $180.00

If you could afford to donate more to each of these hard fighting liberty folks, that would be fantastic.

We must fill the coffers of the Delegates first, then the Alternates, but we want to fill them all before *July 1st.*

PLEASE!  Send this email to all of your liberty loving folks, groups, and/or email lists, or post on any liberty blogs you are on too.  (i.e. Daily Paul)

Every penny will count…good as gold!

Thank you for sharing this email, for donating, and for keeping up the positive, forward liberty and freedom movement in your area.

Our delegates and alternates are our Liberty Warriors !

Please help them win this battle for our, and our children’s liberty and freedom by donation as much as you can to each delegate and alternate.j


Florence Sebern – Delegate (State) ChipIn acct: PLEASE NOTE! Her ChipIn is higher than the others for she is on the rules committee and must be in Tampa one full week ahead (extra) of the other delegates, so she needs more money to pay for that extra week of expenses.
For those that do not like to use the ChipIn/PayPal sites, please snail mail a check here:  1140 South Forest Street, Denver, CO 80246

Jerry Koerber – Delegate (CD1) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to: 2633 West 40th Avenue, Denver, CO  80211

Tim Leonard – Delegate (CD2) prefers snail-mail donations only:

31713 Ruby Ranch Road., Evergreen, CO 80439

Todd King – Delegate (CD3) ChipIn acct: Snail mail to: 18820 Road 22,  Lewis, CO  81327

Luke Kirk – Delegate (CD3) ChipIn acct: Snail mail to: 2193 CR 502, Bayfield, CO 81122

Jeremy Strand -Delegate (CD7) ChipIn acct: Snail mail to: 8293 West Floyd Avenue,  #5-303, Lakewood, CO 80227


Alex Casetta – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct:
Snail-mail to:  800 20th Street, Apt. C, Greeley, CO 80631

Judy Spady – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct: Snail-mail to:  272 Pine Cone Drive, Bayfield, CO,  81122

Joe Wyote – Alternate (State) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail:  6385 Bestview Way, Colorado Springs, CO 80918

Earl Bandy – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct: 
Snail mail to: 2037 Kearney Street, Denver, CO 80207

David Bitner – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to: 6515 E Union Avenue,  Unit 502,  Denver,  CO 80237-3116

Elizabeth Buchanan – Alternate (CD1) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to:  7592 East 28th Ave. Unit #4, Denver, CO 80238

Jon Warnick – Alternate (CD2) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to:  106 Regal Circle, Breckenridge, CO 80424

Charlie Aligaen – Alternate (CD5) ChipIn acct:
Snail-mail to: 6225 Snowbird Drive, Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Joseph Burke – Alternate (CD5) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to:  812 Blossom Road, Woodland Park, Colorado 80863

Ted Kuroiwa – Alternate (CD6) ChipIn acct:
Snail mail to: 9180 Rolling Way #208 Parker CO 80134

Bob Eskenberry – Alternate (CD7) ChipIn acct:

Snail mail to :  2234 Country Club Loop,  Westminster, CO 80234

Lloyd Garcia – Alternate (CD7) ChipIn acct:
Snail-mail to :  7895 Elder Circle, Denver, CO 80221

This message was sent by BSC from Liberty Loving Coloradoans!.

Michigan: Become a Precinct Delegate (Very Important!)

If you want to have a significant influence in your local GOP, you need to become a Precinct Delegate. This cannot be stressed enough.

Each County GOP organization is made up of Precinct Delegates who are voting members within the County GOP. If enough of our supporters within a county become Precinct Delegates, we will be able to elect County GOP Chairman, Vice Chairman, State Committeeman, etc. who are supportive of the liberty movement.

It is fairly easy to become a Precinct Delegate, who are elected every two years in the primary. The next election is August 7 and the deadline to file as a candidate is May 15.

The key point to know is that MANY positions for Precinct Delegates either don’t have anyone running or only one person files as a candidate (in which case, that person wins by default). This means just by filing as a candidate, you will have a great shot at winning without having to do any canvassing. To file as a candidate, all you need to do is fill out ONE form!

Here are instructions to become a Precinct Delegate:

1. Find what precinct you live in by searching here. If you have questions about what precinct you live in, call your County, City or Township Clerk. You can find their contact information here.

2. Fill out this Precinct Delegate form here. In Box II, make sure you fill in your precinct number, write “Republican” for Political Party and “August 7″ for the Date of Primary.

3. Get the form notarized. You can go to your County Clerk who can notarize it for you.

4. Send the form to your County, City or Township Clerk by 4pm on May 15. You can find the mailing addresses here.

5. After filing, your name will be placed on the August 7 ballot. If you win, you will become a Precinct Delegate for the next two years.

You can go to your County Clerk and fill out the form in person. They can help make sure you fill out everything correctly.

Each precinct is allowed at least one Precinct Delegate. You can find out how many Precinct Delegates are allowed for your precinct by calling your clerk. That way, if you know other supporters in your precinct, you’ll know how many people can file as candidates.

Many people worry about the time commitment involved with the position. All you need to do is attend a couple meetings and County Conventions a year. There really is not too much obligation and even if you don’t have the time, you can always resign your position if you find out the time commitment is too much. Please don’t let this be an obstacle from you being able to play a role in helping our supporters become the GOP.

Deadline is May 15 at 4pm.


Source information:!)

Romney Operatives Circulate Fake Ron Paul Delegate Slates

“Incidents captured on video this weekend reveal desperate attempts by Mitt Romney operatives to divide and disrupt official Ron Paul endorsed delegate slates by handing out fake ballots to attendees at the state conventions in Nevada and Maine.”

Dirty Tricks at Nevada State Republican Convention

Romney Camp Circulates Fake List of Paul Delegate Nominees at Maine GOP

Ron Paul Wins ALL Maine Delegates – Romney Recount w/ Bush’s Adviser From 2000 (Be Warned)


These dirty tricks aren’t new. It also happened in Colorado. So be prepared!

More information at the original article on Infowars here:

Now that Ron Paul has secured the ballot, the RNC is coordinating an effort to thwart elected Delegates

Ron Paul has just secured a spot on the ballot!

And therefore the RNC is pulling out all stops.

Establishment Republicans are running scared. But that means they’re also making an effort to challenge and unseat Delegates, intimidate us, and break rules we’re using to an advantage. This time, it’s the Missouri GOP. You can view this in a number of different ways, but most noticeably – we’re making the impact we need to elect Ron Paul. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be the resistance we are currently pushing through.

Here’s the latest news: